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Was It Worth The Wait?

  • Posted 5 years ago

Who really cared what the Minister had to say when something was waiting to be opened. After all we could watch the proceedings later. I just could not wait to practice and have a feel of all that I had heard and seen in the books and from friends. I could not wait to have sex.

Fast forward, we were alone and I was waiting to have the best night of my life, only to have an “under 1 minute” without a climax. That was my first time so I had no standard to compare, but that certainly was not a nice one.

Imagine having to wait for almost 30 years for this terrible sex! As a young lady growing up, hearing my pastor and mother preach about the need to remain chaste and desist from sexual immortality, I must admit my spirit was quite dampened as that meant no chance to explore and have a feel of what Esi and Gifty were experiencing.

I was one curious and inquisitive young lady who wouldn’t spare any novel especially if it had amorous content. Halequin was my favorite, not because I was a bad girl, but I just was curious about this thing called sex. If I did not have the chance to enjoy it now, I might as well take the chance and prepare adequately for it by engaging every book and video I found on it.

Only to be disappointed by my partner on our first night together.

As a typical African mother would behave, my mother was very happy I had been able to keep those legs together. My in laws were content, what perfect gift could a bride give to the groom than the honour of cutting the cord to the temple. What a disappointing and unceremonious way to cut a cord!

I was frustrated and angry. Was I going to stay with this for the rest of my life?

I thought good things came to those who waited.

I remembered my friends saying they had to try to know how it felt like, to enjoy before one was imprisoned.

Had I made a mistake? I started thinking to myself …so was it really worth the wait…

For the first time in my life, I started regretting keeping those legs together..

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