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Being successful on social media is a process and it takes a plan, great content, consistency and time to get there. With a good strategy, you can position and build your brand in order to be discovered by future clients.



We will start by reviewing your account to make sure it reflects your brand identity; logo, cover photo, brand colours, profile description, industry keywords, contacts, etc.


We will map out a plan to set meaningful social goals, establish key metrics, identify your target audience, & brainstorm content types which will help you to connect with your audience.

Content Creation

We will create and design attractive, valuable and engaging content that will resonate well with your target audience and help you stand out of the competition.

Content Calendar & Schedule

We will draw up a calendar and schedule posts in advance to know what and when to post, saving you time and helping you to build greater consistency.


Social media is not only a one-way affair (just posting content); it’s a two-way affair (responding to users also). We will monitor conversations, and engage and respond to your users.


We will track and analyze your social media metrics and compare the results to your social goals for you to assess our social media marketing efforts.


Frequently answered questions

Social media marketing is already helping businesses strengthen their brand, drive interesting conversations about products/ services, and increase conversions in terms of leads, engagement and sales.

It takes time to see tangible results on social media, esp if you manage your social media pages organically. We believe 3 months is just enough for you to meet your desired goals.

The short answer: it depends. While Facebook or Instagram is a great starting point, we like to get to know each client on an individual basis. Because every brand is unique, deciding which platform(s) to spend time on relies on factors like where your audience is, what products and/or services your business provides and the goals you wish to achieve.

No, it doesn’t.

You will need to pay for your own ads, but we can help you set up and manage your campaigns once you subscribe to any of the packages.

Of course, yes! If none of our social media packages suits your specific needs or you need more information regarding the packages, kindly contact us at and we will be glad to help.


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4 Social Media Accounts


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