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Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than words. With creative designs, you can visualize your ideas, market your products and services, and build a brand identity for your business.


Social Designs

Promote your business, services and products online. Perfect for the web and social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Designs will be in jpg or png format.

Graphic Designs

Visualize your ideas, packages, promo and events using graphic designs. Perfect for print like flyers, posters, invitations, etc. Designs will be in jpg or png format.

Video Ads

Tell your story or showcase your products and services using video. You get up to 2 mins. Perfect for all social media channels. Video will be in .mp4 format.


Frequently answered questions

All the design packages are for a year. You can renew or choose another package the following year.

It depends on the package you subscribe to:

  • With the Basic Pack, you are entitled to 30 social designs throughout the year.
  • With the Standard Pack, you are entitled to 60 social or graphic designs plus 1 video ad throughout the year.
  • With the Premium Pack, you are entitled to 150 social or graphic designs plus 2 video ads throughout the year.

Social designs are artworks tailored for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Graphic designs are artworks designed for print like flyers, invitations and posters. The dimensions for graphic designs are completely different from social designs.

No. All our designs will be in soft copies.

We can use texts, icons, pictures and design elements to create a video to help you market your brand, products and services on youtube and other social media channels.


Subscribers of the Standard and Premium Packs are entitled to 1 and 2 videos ads in a year respectively. Each video will have a maximum duration of 120 seconds and will be in.

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Subscribe to the package that suits your needs.

Basic Plan

30 designs (per year)


Standard Plan

60 designs + 1 video ad (per year)


Premium Plan

150 designs + 2 videos ads (per year)


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