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This plan is ideal for couples and wedding lovers just exploring

  • Explore wedding services & venues
  • Shop for your wedding
  • Get inspired for your wedding
  • Join our wedding community
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This plan is ideal for to-be couples who need support for their wedding

  • Everything in DEFAULT plan, plus…
  • Use virtual wedding planner
  • Create wedding plans
  • Join a support system
  • Get a wedding website



Benefits explained

Search and discover suitable vendors and venues for your wedding. You can filter by category and location.

Shop for your traditional dresses, wedding gowns, rings, accessories and more.

Our wedding blog curates stories, ideas, and tips to educate and inspire you for your wedding.

Connect, learn and share with other to-be couples who are planning their wedding.

Using our virtual wedding planner helps you to deal with each element of the planning process as a small, manageable piece of the wedding planning puzzle. It makes planning more organized, easier, simpler and fun.

Creating a wedding plan helps us to match you with suitable vendors who are ready to work with you based on your budget and location.

Join a support group to get help in planning your wedding.

Get a free one-page website to share your wedding info with guests and your story with family and friends.


Benefits explained

Create a profile for your wedding service or event venue.

Sell your fabrics, wedding gowns, rings, accessories, etc on our online wedding marketplace.

With an enquiry system, couples can send you enquiries about your service, venue or products.

Joining the vendors platform makes you learn, network and partner with other wedding professionals.

Increase the visibility of your business within the Weddors platform to generate more leads.

Weddors connects you with suitable couples who are actively looking for wedding vendors or venues to book.

With a booking system, you can create slots (days and times) for couples to be able to book appointments with you.

Increase your online presence by getting a basic website built for your wedding business.


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