Choosing Your Wedding Party

Your Wedding Party needs to be more than just your best friends. They are your support group and will help you manage the details of you wedding. Do remember that these people also have lives! Be realistic and communicative from the start.

Choosing Your Wedding Party

Think twice before you ask

Take your time! At least a month. Consider whether you will be as close to this person in the future as you are now. Consider the dynamics within the wedding party. These people need to be your support system, not a source of stress.

Have realistic expectations

Before you speak to anyone, decide together exactly what you want from your wedding party. Do you want blanket involvement with every aspect of planning or is it enough to wear what you want them too and attend all the festivities? Understand your own expectations and ensure they are communicated when you ask them.

Include your siblings

You may regret excluding them later! They also tend to know you better than you know yourself and quite often will come to your rescue before you realize you need it!

Let the size of your wedding guide the size of the team

You can have as many (or few) bridesmaids and groomsmen as you like. That said, the average wedding party size is roughly three (3) on either side, so you can use that as a guide when making a decision. Depending on formality, go larger or smaller. Just keep this in mind: Bigger is not always best. The more  attendants you have, the more details to organize and potentially, the more expense. Remember, there are other roles that you can give to your close pals such as taking them to the protocol team and making them ceremony readers.

Remember there aren’t rules

Call him the man of honour or her, the best woman. Guys can stand with the  bride and women can stand with the groom. It’s really up to you—what’s most important is that you include your favourite people, regardless of gender, dressed as you want them to. Having said that, people will always be happier and more relaxed in clothing they feel flatters them.

Choose those who are responsible

The best men or maids of honour are friends who are actually responsible and good at providing emotional support. It also helps if they know how to have fun. Aim for that healthy mix within the wedding party.

Kids are not compulsory

If there are no children in your life that you feel particularly close to, don’t  feel pressured to include kids. Likewise, if you have a lot, include as many as you like. As well as being flower girls and ring bearers, they can carry  signs, handout rose petals, etc. If you are having an adults-only reception, you can still have kids play their roles at the ceremony. If you do that, consider setting up a room for kids with a babysitter during the reception and have some fun foods and activities planned.