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Love At Christmas

  • Posted 4 years ago
Love At Christmas

My ex, she was born on Christmas day. When our love was new, she told me, “25th December is my birthday—it’s my birthday before it’s Christmas day.”

So every Christmas day, I wished her happy birthday in the morning and then in the afternoon or close to the evening, I would wish her a merry Christmas. We were in school and love was easy.

After school, we fell out of love. She called me stupid and walked away. She was right, I was stupid. I lived carelessly but she always forgave me. I had an affair with her best friend. She couldn’t forgive me so she called us off.

For the next four years or so, every December 25th, I sent her a birthday message in the morning and in the evening I would send her a merry Christmas. She never responded and I never stopped.

On her 29th birthday last three years, I called her. She didn’t pick. I sent her a message. As usual, she didn’t send one back. I went to her birthday party uninvited. She never looked at me. After everything was over, I went to her;

“Hey, it’s been ages.”
“Yeah, I didn’t think you should be here.”
“Happy birthday.”
“Thank you.”
“Merry Christmas.”
“Same to you.”

And then there was nothing more to say. For some seconds we were silent. She said, “Don’t you think you owe me an apology?” I answered,”Don’t you think you owe me a second chance?”

This morning was her birthday. I woke her up with good wishes. I gave her my gift and told her I loved her so much. This evening would be Christmas. I will wish her merry Christmas and tell her, “Thank you for the second chance to make things right. Being your husband feels awesome. I feel very lucky.



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