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I knew he was the one from the beginning - Abigail's love story

  • Posted 4 years ago
I knew he was the one from the beginning – Abigail’s love story

Love, they say, is beautiful. Weddors couldn’t resist the beauty of Edmund and Abigail’s big day so we got curious about their love journey. Here’s what Abigail has to say about when she first met Edmund:

It’s a very long time ago, we met on Legon campus. He happens to be my best friend’s cousin. I had to accompany my friend to her cousin’s hall for money. We just exchanged greetings and left. I received a friend request from him on Facebook which I accepted and we started from there.


Abigail said she admired him for his smartness and intelligence. When asked when she finally realized that he was the one. She said,

There wasn’t a specific moment. The connection was natural and I knew he was the one from the initial stage but I remember there was this particular thing he did that won my heart for good.

(I guess it was a secret so she didn’t share)

About her wedding day, she said:

It was a beautiful experience. We never lost sight of the fact that it was our day and nobody else’s. I was able to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about timing, food, seating arrangement. It was a fun day and we both enjoyed.

She continued,

It feels really good to be married to my best friend and to be spending the rest of my life with him. I hope to accomplish a lot together, help each other build our dreams and encourage each other in every step in life.

Love is indeed beautiful!

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